2015 Nebraska Music Hall of Fame Inductee – Linda Wilmot

Linda Wilmot rented a guitar in 1977 thinking of just playing a song or two. Her joy of performing, which began as a Thespian in WJ Bryan High School, led to buying the guitar and beginning a lifetime musical career. She hit every open stage and jam session she could find. Moving to Arizona she played in a band called Mesa. In Oregon she joined a band from Dallas, TX called Friends on an Alaska Tour.

Health concerns brought her back to Fremont, NE where she would form her own band (Dark Colt). She moved to Kansas City to play with the interstate Band, opening concerts for Mel McDaniels, Johnny Rodriquez, and Tammy Wynette.

Again returning to her home state she performed as a solo act until noticed by a band called Illusion in Omaha. This led to a musical partnership with Brad Jones and a band called Black Rose from 1988 to 1992 adding keyboards to her repertoire. Following a short stint with Loaded Dyce (later Final Step), Linda sang with the Curtis Loew Band. Linda also continued her solo career and would occasionally sing with her sister —the Wilmot Sisters.

In 2001 Linda was selected from those who auditioned for a musical part in the movie About Schmidt which was being filmed in Omaha, NE. She can be heard as she sings at Walter Schmidt’s (Jack Nicholson) daughter’s wedding in Colorado. “The Wedding Song (There Is Love)” displays Linda’s beautiful vocal talent. One can enjoy this gift by purchasing her CD “Pillow at 4:20” (recorded in 2000) here at Rivers Edge Music Festival.

Linda and The Wilmot Sisters have been performing regularly at District 10 Social Gathering Place near Linwood, NE. She has begun a courageous battle with Leukemia and her stamina may affect the length of her performance tonight…but enjoy the road warrior, Linda Wilmot.

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