2017 Nebraska Music Hall of Fame Inductee – Larry Good

Larry Good

Larry Good was born in Kansas City, MO, and attended public school in Topeka, KS and Grandview, MO. After graduating from Grandview High School, Larry attended Junior College in Kansas City, MO.

At an early age, Larry knew he had a love for baseball. After Jr. College Larry played professional baseball for the Chicago Cubs farm system, playing 2nd base for the Janesville, WI Cubs and the Blackwell OK Broncos. With an injury to his foot, he could no longer play ball and moved back to KC.

Larry started to work in and later manage a grocery store by day, and started to play guitar by night. He had a special gift of playing by ear and bought his first guitar. While working with local bands in the area, Larry knew his love was to work with Nashville acts and tour the US. His music career took off and he was working nightclubs all over the Midwest, and then he moved to California for a short time and traveled up and down the west coast with his band the Countrymen. They played great shows in Las Vegas with Grand Old Opry stars like Kitty Wells and Wanda Jackson the “Queen of Rockabilly.”

In the late 50’s and early 60’s Larry started to record his songs on the Pierce label, which was his recording studio in Kansas City, MO. His songs were played on a national and international level. Larry wrote and recorded over 100 songs in his career.

Working with the Grand Ole Opry shows was a dream-come-true for Larry. He later moved to Minneapolis, MI while beginning a DJ and touring up and down the east coast. He worked with Opry stars like George Morgan, Ray Price, Charlie Pride, Minnie Pearl and other greats.

In the 70’s Larry moved to Columbus, NE. In the days ahead Larry still played on the road with his band the Good Times. Travels also took him to Nashville, TN where he sang and recorded many of his songs.

In the late 80’s Larry and his wife Jennifer moved to Rising City, NE. Larry started his own show called the Nebraskaland Opry, which did shows all over Nebraska at county fairs and played the Nebraska State Fair in Lincoln, NE. He founded Lari-Jon Publishing Co. which was a business in his home.

In the late 90’s Larry’s health took a serious turn and he had to stop traveling, and only worked a few shows each year. He would play the Northtown Opry in Kansas City, MO a few times each year and always played the 4th of July in Rising City, NE. Many of his friends would show up to perform with him which he delighted in and made it a grand event.

Larry’s greatest joy was to play music and bring joy to the public. Larry passed away in February 2010, but his music will go on forever.

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